In developing distributed water networks, we are not only providing long term access to potable water. We are also in effect developing logistics, communication and distribution networks that can carry other services and products.

Clean water is THE basic building block for good health. In providing it consistently and reliably, over time with that comes the trust that is built when health improves and communities grow and prosper.

Building on this trust is the relationship with our brand, making it possible to extend our offerings into other areas such as energy, healthcare and education.

Arteron has several projects implemented over the last few years in several locations globally. We now have offices and exclusive distributors in South East Asia and our Phillipines market is experiencing growth this year onwards, addressing the need for both Decentralised water systems for relevant economic zones and main cities. Another area of interest is the Disaster Relief systems deployed for emergency use, most applicable in South East Asia nations.

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Geographic Focus

Target regions in which we are currently focusing our efforts:

  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Solomon Islands
  • Africa
  • India
  • China